Rainy Day Blues or Not

I love rainy days. They just make me feel all fuzzy inside. You stay home and snuggle the kids and curl up on the couch and watch movies.

What could be better?

I’ll tell you what could be better, after the rain. More specifically, the smell in the air after the rain. I absolutely love the way everything smells after the rain. The smell is clean and fresh and new. The only smell better is right after the field has been plowed and the smell of the earth is in the air. Even better than that is the smell of rain on a freshly plowed field. Oh, I am just sitting here imagining the smells.

It rained today. A lot. This evening after the rain we went outside to visit with the girls.


This is my wonderful husband feeding one of the girls. The white stuff you see in the picture is where she just had a shower in the rain. I am sure that she absolutely loved it. It has been hotter than Hades here in Alabama for the last few weeks. Right after this shot I missed the shot of her picking her nose with her tongue. Now who wouldn’t give a lot to have that talent, right? Well, me for one.

Anyway, I am enjoying time with the kids and husband at home after the rain. Hope you are enjoying your evening too.

Y’all Come Back Now.


July 7, 2009. Notebook.

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