Library Day

So, today was library day.

I loaded the girls into the van and off to town we went.

I knew that I had some videos that I forgot to renew and were late, so I patiently stood at the desk while the librarian checked all of my books in and added up my fines.

Then she hit me with the total: $7.00. OMG! I looked at the 2 videos and just swallowed the words in my throat. The total worth of these things probably wasn’t $7.00!

But, it was my fault. I got into too big of a rush with everything going on around here and just forgot to call and renew them before they were overdue.

Lesson learned. Never forget to renew your library DVDs.

So now I have two new books to look forward to. I got “Beloved” by Toni Morrison and I got a book on Mexican cooking. I have been looking forward to reading “Beloved” for a long time and now that it is summer I can. I will probably be done with it by Sunday night. Once I start reading, I usually do it to the exclusion of everything else until I am done with the book. That how my husband knows if the book I am reading is any good or not. If he sees me bring it with me everywhere I go, it must be a good story. If I start on it and then he never sees me with it again, it must have been a dud. It’s a pretty good system and seems to be working for him.

I love cooking and cook books. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I love cookbooks. It truly is an addiction to me. When we were building our house a few years ago, I took out the cabinets in my small butcher block island and replaced them with bookshelves. Of course, I still don’t have enough room for all of my cookbooks. Periodically I will sit down and try and purge some of my books, but it doesn’t really help. I usually end up sitting on the kitchen floor and reading the books and then of course I can’t possibly bear to part with a single one.

I have lots of vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, some of the classics like Betty Crocker and, of course, Martha Stewart.

But I also have several community cookbooks. You know the ones where some people get together and submit recipes and then have them bound and sell them to raise money for some cause of the other. I love these books too. It kinda gives me a glimpse into the minds of those women and what dinner must be like in thier home. I mean, if you see that every single recipe that one woman submits has cream-of-something soup in it, you know that dinner in her house is all about getting it on the table with as little effort as possible. If you see that one woman submitted a lot of desert recipes, you imagine that her house must smell good and that her family has desert every night of the week. I could be wrong, but wouldn’t it be fun.

When I get a new cookbook I sit down with it and read it like a novel: from cover to cover. I lovingly read each recipe and dream about what it would taste like. I love cookbooks.

I am off to read through “Mexican Cooking” and see what’s for dinner.

Y’all Come Back Now.


July 24, 2009. Notebook.

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