The Melons are Coming!!

Today was yard day.

My husband and I took the day and used it for general upkeep and such of the yard.

I cut the grass (on the riding lawnmower) and Scott did all of the heavy lifting and such.

As soon as I got started on the grass, I had to take a break. My mower had run out of gas from both tanks and Scott had to go and get more.

Here’s where the fun happens.

During my break I had a chance to run and get my camera and take a few pictures of my little garden in the backyard. A while back we broke up a little spot and started a garden. This is only my second garden ever. My first almost immediately got taken over by the weeds and after that I didn’t have the heart to try again.

Well, this year’s garden is going much better.  When we first broke up the ground our exchange student Melanie was still here. We were eating cantaloupe one night and I showed her the seeds that I had taken out and told her that if the seeds were to be planted, they would produce cantaloupes. The thought of this so excited her that she begged to be allowed to plant them. So the next day we did.


This is the result.


And now the melons are coming in. They have been blooming for weeks and now that we have finally been getting some rain, the blooms are producing tiny little cantaloupes. I’m not sure what kind they are. All I know is that the seeds came from a cantaloupe that we bought at the grocery store.


Next to the cantaloupe Melanie helped me plant some cucumbers. All I remember about these was that I made sure and buy organic seeds and they were small enough to make pickles. So far there haven’t been enough for pickles, but a few have made it into my salads at dinner and have beat the grocery store variety hands down.


These are heirloom tomatoes that we planted. They have been so good! Tonight we had BSTs (bacon, spinach, and tomato) sandwiches for dinner. Oh, they were wonderful!! And believe it or not, I claim to not like tomatoes! Maybe I just don’t like grocery store tomatoes. It has always been a texture thing for me. Tomatoes of my past have been mealy and slimy, but these were tart and sweet and melted into the bacon of the sandwich. Yes, maybe it is just the hothouse tomato that I don’t like.


For those of you who don’t know, this is okra. While I don’t like it boiled, I do love it fried. Now, I don’t fry much, but there is just no better way (to me) to eat okra than to fry it. Once in a while I will mix it into my cornbread mixture and make okra hoe cakes and those are pretty good too, but fried okra really is a southern tradition.

When okra is boiled it produces a slimy substance that lends itself to thickening things like gumbos and stews. It is good in this and really when you talk about gumbo you have to know that gumbo is okra. You just can’t have a good gumbo without the okra. If you don’t have okra, you don’t have gumbo.


Last, but defenitely not least, I have laid away a little bit of hope for the future. I planted some asparagus. It is doing wonderfully, but I won’t even be able to taste it until next year. See, you have to let the first years spears go to fronds. If you don’t cut them this is what they look like. Kinda pretty, huh? The tops where you see the bumpy part of the spears in the store actually make fronds and small flowers and they feed the crowns (the roots) for the next years harvest.

Oh how I am looking forward to next spring!!

I planted some artichokes too, but they didn’t even come up much less make the bud for me to eat. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

Y’all Come Back Now.

And drop me a comment and let me know that I’m not just talking to myself, will ya? Thank you.


July 25, 2009. Home and Garden.

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