Getting Ready for Laura

Today has been spent doing that thing which I dread most, cleaning house.

From top to bottom, behind every bookshelf, and under the furniture the dust bunnies tried to hide. But try as they may, I found each and every one of them.

It is not as if I am a neat freak (which I am and my family is not) or anything.

See, for the third year in a row we are hosting an exchange student.

Our first exchange student came to us from Germany.

 This is HannahDSCF0963This is Hanna.

Are you confused yet?

The darling girl in the braces on the left is my lovely daughter, Hannah. The cute blonde on the  right sans braces is Hanna. While they are said slightly differently, Hannah with an a sound and Hanna with an ah sound, they ended up answering to either or both names all year. At school Hanna was Hannah-Hanna. One of her teachers made a game out of it by calling her Hannah-Hanna repeated over and over until finally he ran out of breath and then he stopped.

Hanna was originally to stay with another family in our area and had already made all the arrangements and been accepted by our school when the other family had to back out. Another exchange family sent out requests and we answered with a little bit of trepidation because we had never even thought of hosting an exchange student before.

We loved having Hanna come stay with us and we liked it so much that it made us open up our hearts and our home once again for Melanie.

We loved having Melanie come and live with us, but once again we had issues with names.

See my best friend is named Melanie.

It was confusing at times because even Melanie’s (the one from Germany) nickname, Melli, still sounded enough like her name that both would answer.

Now, here is where things get a little strange and my friends are starting to wonder about my sanity.

Remember that cute little girl in the ski fairy with questionable taste in jewelery?

106_1089 This is the one.

Her name is Lara. Pronounced La Ruh.

Our next exchange student is from Spain. Her name is Laura. Pronounced La ooh ruh in Spanish, but Lor uh in English.

Do you think it will be confusing around here again this year?

Yeah, me too.

There are betting pools that if we host another one her name will be Chrystal.

My money is on yes, but you never know.

Y’all Come Back Now.


August 1, 2009. Notebook.

One Comment

  1. Eric replied:

    How old is your daughter that has braces now?

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