Chick Update

Well, the chicks are eight days old and are growing like weeds.


To refresh your memory, this is what the chicks looked like when they arrived last week.


This is how big they are today.


They have all lost their “egg tooth” which they needed to hatch from the egg and their feathers are starting to replace the down they have when they hatched.


The first feathers that come in are the wing feathers. Followed by the tail feathers and then body feathers.

As you can see from the picture, their wing feathers are just about in. This is instrumental because one of the first thing that the chicks need to do is fly to a roost and get off the ground to stay safe from predators.


You can see this one’s tail feathers here. It liked being perched up on my leg and looking around.


My 6 year old daughter finally got one to eat out of her hand. We are making sure to sit with them each day in the little run outside their house. We want them to be tame and gentle and the best way to do this is to have contact with us daily to earn their trust.


These little guys are curious about the outside world, but still undecided about whether or not to venture outside.


These brave little chicks finally got up the courage to see what exactly the outside world is all about.


Chloe, our chihuahua, is also curious about the chicks.

Y’all Come Back Now.


September 23, 2009. Home and Garden.


  1. Elle Bee replied:

    Oh you have chicks!!! I love it! We want backyard chickens so badly. For eggs. But we have a city ordinance that doesn’t allow any “farm animals”. But all I want is like 3 hens. Thinking of trying to change the ordinance, but not sure how to go about it.

  2. southernwomanchrystal replied:

    I wonder if rabbits count as farm animals in your area?
    You might inquire if you could keep 3 hens as “pets”. Since technically some farm animals, like rabbits, chinchillas, etc… are also kept as pets, maybe you could claim your hens as pets.
    That way you wouldn’t actually have to have the ordinance changed.
    Around here there is only an ordinance against roosters in city limits. But since we live like 15 miles from city limits it doesn’t really matter.
    There is a really good book “Chickens in Your Backyard” by Rick and Gail Luttman that is a must read if you are thinking about it.
    I also have read and reccomend “Keep Chickens” by Barbara Kilarski. She lives in the city and keeps chickens. In the back it has some information about ordinances in different large citites that might help you in your quest if you decide to try and “fight the man” on this one.
    Good luck and check back. I’ll have new pics of the cheeps in the next day or so. They are growing so fast!!!

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