Halloween Haybale Jack-O-Lantern

It has been time to roll the last bit of hay before the cold weather comes and stays for good. While my husband’s uncle was rolling the hay in front of our house, I asked him to leave me one of the bales pointed toward the road so that the girls and I could decorate it for Halloween.


This is what we started with. A standard round bale of hay.


Then the girls and I spray painted it with flourescent orange paint.


Even the little one got into the act.


We covered the entire front surface of the haybale with the paint.


I turned around while the girls were working and caught the cat and dog playing. This is Mama Kitty. She came to be part of our family when someone dropped her off pregnant with a litter of kittens and with two half-grown kittens already. Since she can’t have anymore kittens (courtesy of a responsible pet owner policy of mine) she has adopted our dog. She has taught him to hunt mice and jump like a cat. I have seen her catch and bring him a lizard to play with and when it got away from him, she caught it again and brought it back.


One more shot of my cutie painting the haybale.

We finished up by painting the face with black spray paint. The little chose this traditional design.


This is the finished product. A huge, visible-from-the-road jack-o-lantern.

I love Autumn.

Y’all Come Back Now.


October 21, 2009. Home and Garden.

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