Warm Fuzzies

This is what I love about homeschoooing.

Today is rainy, cold, and just generally dreary. The kind of day that just makes you want to crawl back in bed and pull the covers over your head and sleep. The sound of the rain outside could lull you right back to dreamland if you let it.

That is sooo not what we did today though.

No, we got up and one of us (me) actually changed out of our pajamas and got started on school.  Actually the youngest is still running around in a t-shirt and underpants as I right this. She is actually informing me that she would rather just be naked, “because I like it that way” than to put on some shorts or pants.

Anyway, we are sitting at the kitchen table working on math when I look over and see our Fatty Cat sleeping on the blanket that said youngest had set up last night to have a “picnic” with her stuffed animals.

He looks sooo comfortable all curled up just sleeping.

None of us had to face the weather, put on rain coats or rain boots, or even step outside to learn something.  And we did all of our work in 3 hours. Including a break for a snack in there.

I love homeschooling. It just gives me the warm fuzzies.

How about you? What do you love?

Y’all Leave a Comment and let me know.


October 27, 2009. Homeschooling.

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