Yet another night of sleep lost

Here I am again. It’ almost 2 am and I pretty much know that any chance of sleeping for tonight is wishful thinking.

I went to bed at a decent hour, about 10. Then once I started to dream I kept having the same dream over and over.

I am out in the pasture, naked, and accidentally step into an ant bed. Now, if you live in the south, you know that this is a nightmare. Down here we have what are called fireants. When they sting, it hurts. They also attack in groups and small children have died due to a great number of fireant bites. They build mounds that look like this:

This one is a fairly small one.  See the ruler that measures about a foot? Under the ground goes even deeper than the top goes up.

The boogers that live here are vicious. Here’s what they look like.

Doesn’t he just look mean? And getting stung by one (or more) of these things hurts like the dickens. It swells up and itches like all-get-out. Here’s what the bites look like:

Some, myself included, have a more severe reaction and look like this when we get stung:


And they ITCH!!

Which brings me to the why of yet another night with no sleep.

I have developed a strange, red, raised, itchy rash. It started on Wednesday with just a couple of what I thought was chigger bites on the bag of my legs and on my right “cheek”. It itched like crazy, but I thought I could handle it. I mean, heck, I live in Alabama, the mosqito capitol of the South. I put Calagel on each spot, soaked with oatmeal baths, and took Benadryl. You know, all the right things to do in this case.

Well, Friday after lunch I noticed what looked like little marker dots on the lower bart of my stomach. By Friday evening there were even more and they were starting to rise above the skin and grow larger in diameter. So, I broke down and went to the doctor. She gave me three oral medications and a steroid cream to apply

This moring when I got up there are about 3 times the number of spots and now I have new ones on my arms, chest, neck and breasts. They also itch about 20 times worse than the original spots that came up sarting Tuesday. So, I went to the ER for them to tell me that they had absolutely no idea what I had. The doctor never even did a physical exam, didn’t make a diagnosis, didn’t ask me any questions to try and find out why. Here’s what will really get you.

He says, “I don’t know what it is and you need to see a dermatologist.”

I respond, “Is there a dermatologist who takes call for the hospital?”

He answers, “Nope, they only see patients during their office hours of 9 to 3, Monday through Friday.”

Me, “You’re kidding right? I mean what do you do if a burn victim comes in?”

His response: “We transport them to UAB.” (Which is 2 hours away).

I explained to him that I was concerned about it being contagious because I have 3 kids at home.

He says, “It’s not conagious.”

I looked him straight in the eye and replies, “How can you know that if you don’t know what it is???”

He had no response. He then proceeded to tell me that protocol in this situation is Pepcid, Visteral, etc.

I looked at him like he had lost his mind and said, “I’m already taking all those things. They were prescribed when I went to Pri-Med on Friday.”

Not to mentioned that I had already told him that in the first few seconds when he asked me, “So, what seems to be wrong today?”

Folks, he never even looked at the history in the chart and to top it all off  HE NEVER DID A PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT. A HUGE no-no.

I left there crying, angry, and no better off than when I got there. AND I HAD TO PAY FOR HIS NON-SERVICE.

The hospital I went to, Baptist East, is constantly running commercials about their friendly staff. Maybe instead of spending that money on commercials, they should spend it on teaching the doctors manners and how to read a chart.

So, I dreamed about the fireants biting me all over and itching like crazy because my entire torso, parts of my legs and arms, and my backside itch so bad that it hurst. I spent most of my evening until 10, slathering on Calagel and lying under the fan trying to find some relief.

I guess I should be grateful for the 2 hours of sleep that I was able to get.

Maybe I can get more tomorrow after I visit the dermatologist.

Y’all Come Back. 

 And let me know what you think about the blog, like it, love it, want a recipe for some southern food you love or just want to try. Drop me a comment. I love hearing from you.


November 16, 2009. Notebook.

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