Ferdinand The Bull At ASF

Today we joined our homeschool friends and attended a matinee performance of “Ferdinand the Bull” at The Alabama Shakespeare Festival.

It was an intimate performance where we literally sat on the stage as the stage was floor level. The actors were fantastic and took the time to draw the kids in and include them.

This particular play was designed for the younger crowd, but there was enough glamour in the scenery and costumes to dazzle the adults. My 6 year old sat through the almost 1 hour performance and the question-and-answer sessions with two of the actors afterward.

The play itself was based loosely on the book by Munro Leaf. It picks up the “why did the men come to look for a bull in the first place?” aspect of the story.  The play begins with the son of a local duke telling his father that he would like to pursue a career in dancing. The father expresses his disappoinment and encourages his son to pursue bull fighting to avenge his own ill-gotten didain of bulls.

Ferdinand is the only character that is taken directly from the book. The “men from Madrid” are loosely interpreted as the duke, his son, and his servant. There is one character that is only found in this play, Conchina, the pig who is Ferdinand’s best friend and conspires with the duke to lead Ferdinand to Madrid and the bullfight.

My children and I enjoyed it and the class of high school age students who joined us for this performance also remained engrossed in the play.

It is a joy to have this resource to rely upon to help teach my children on our homeschooling adventure.

“Ferdinand the Bull” is playing now in the Octagon Theatre at ASF throught December 19th. I would definitely reccomend this play to those of you who have younger children and would like to introduce them to live performance theatre.

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November 23, 2009. Homeschooling.

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