Sitting By The Fire

Tonight we are expecting a very unusual oocurence in our area.


In December.

 In Alabama.

I have lived here for 22 years and this will be the very first time it has snowed this early in the year and only one of a handful of times that it has snowed at all.

My kids, of course, are excited.

Our exchange daughter from Spain is planning to get up in the middle of the night to take pictures of this strange occurence.

Me, I am cuddled up in my rocker/recliner next to the fireplace, secure in the knowledge that when, not if, the power goes out we can all curl up in the living room and stay warm.

See, my husband and I planned for occasions such as these by having a gas fireplace installed when we built our house a few years ago.

I know, I know, there are fireplace purists out there who are screaming at thier computer screens because we didn’t put in it woodburning fireplace. We had one of those and we rarely used it and when we did, we spent more money on firewood than it was worth. Not to mention, have I ever told you how much I abhor housework. Especially cleaning up dirty, dusty things fireplaces included.

With my gas logs all I have to do is make sure and call the propane man once every few years (200 gallons supplied both our gas logs and my cooktop for 2 1/2 years) and light the pilot once the cold weather comes to stay. Sometimes the last part is the hardest because in Alabama we swing from t-shirts and shorts one day to sweaters and gloves two days later and then back again within a week.

Maybe later I’ll brew up a hot pot of coffee and slip a little Irish Cream in and relax.

Y’all Come Back Now.


December 4, 2009. Home and Garden.

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