No Snow After All That

Well, true to historical precedent, there was no snow here in the Heart of Dixie last night. At least at our house.

My oldest daughter and I went shopping in a nearby town and there was a few sprinkles of rain and rumbles of thunder in the background, but no snow was seen.

My youngest was disappointed. My oldest really couldn’t care less. And I, for one, was glad to see the frozen stuff pass us by for a few more months (or years, you never know).

See, when it snows here in The South some people, we’ll call them the Ricky-Bobbys of the world, like to take thier big trucks and go drive around. Just to look at the snow. Now that in itself is not so bad. What is bad is that Ricky-Bobby has absolutely no idea to steer into a skid, take it a little slow, or that bald tires and slick roads don’t mix. All he knows is that that kit that jacks up his suspension puts him high enough up that he can look down the shirt of the woman at the red light.

Anyway, these Ricky-Bobbys get in thier trucks and drive around. And about half of them end up upside down or sideways in the ditch where they lost control because they have absolutely no idea how to drive in that kind of weather.

 If it were just them I would say they get would they ask for, but inevitably there are other people, maybe even people who have to drive to get to work at the hospital or firestation or police department who are on the road when Ricky-Bobby decides to go joyriding who get hurt when his careening truck hits their car. Or who have to drive the ambulance on the roads to come cut thier butts out of thier vehicle.

Anyway, no snow is good news in my opinion.

Y’all Come Back Now.


December 5, 2009. Notebook.

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