The Gluten Free Bread we Love, so far

So, we have been trying several different recipes for gluten free bread in the last two weeks trying to find one that the little one and I both agree on as acceptable.

We tried this one and we both like it.

It turns out well, but it still lacks the lightness that I am looking for in a sandwich bread. It is great with soup or buttered on the side. My daughter said it tastes like Chik-Fil-A.

I love this site:

and while she doesn’t center on gluten free cooking, she does cook that way for her family.  She oftens mentions Pamela’s baking mix in her recipes. I did she research and Pamela’s products are rated pretty highly among those they are gluten free. 

I have also been running all over 3 towns trying to find the different flours to use in the recipes and that in itself is a great investement not only of time, but money when you live so far out like we do.

So, I went online and ordered some Pamela’s Bread Mix and some Pamela Biscuit and Baking Mix from Amazon. I had searched locally for them, but only found the cookie and brownie mixes in my local health food store and only found Bob’s Mills in the local Publix. Neither store is local really, but 30 minutes away.

One of my main reason for ordering these products was that they were in essence, just blends of  flour and not just designed to make only the one product. They are flexible, no different than buying a bag of flour from the grocery store based on it’s use. Cake flour for cakes, regular all purpose flour for cookies and such, and bread flour for breads. They are meant to be used for the purpose that they are best suited and you will get reliable results based on the type of flour you choose.

We made the basic bread recipe as directed on the package and have been extremely pleased with the results. The crumb is soft and chewy like good bread should be, the crust develps well and is neither crispy or chewy, but just right. It is just right for using in sandwiches or eating just buttered with good soup or stew.

I am glad that I ordered three 4 lb bags because it looks like this may be the bread for us.

Y’all Come Back Now.


December 10, 2009. cooking.

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