My Own Stupidity.

So, like an idiot, I still had shopping to finish up today.


I really know what I wanted to get my husband so dd and I headed to Bass Pro Shop. We were in and out of there pretty quickly.

I should have known then that it wouldn’t stay this way.

We ran in the pet store and got the dog a present. Don’t ask. The child insisted that Chloe needed a new bed because the one she has now is on it’s last because she has dug into it and torn out all the eggcrate material.

So far, so good.

We go into the next store. Go to the department to get my dad’s last gift and then make our way to the front. There is a line around the corner for the 5 checkouts. I wait, patiently I might add, for my turn. While in line, the woman behind me just keeps talking and talking. Not really about anything, just talking to hear her own voice I’m sure.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a talker, but I leave time for the stranger that I have struck up a conversation with to respond. If they aren’t really into it, I leave them alone. Here in the South, we are all talkers like that. When you wait in line at the checkout, we will talk to you. You don’t really have a choice.

Anyway, we can’t find exactly what we want for my niece, so we head to the mall.

Big Mistake.

You knew that, didn’t you?

Why didn’t you warn me?

The maul (yes, I know how I spelled it) was atrocious.  There was actually almost a fist fight over a toy in the toy store. You couldn’t move through the sea of bodies that were present. The worst part was that most of the people there didn’t look to be shopping. They looked as if they were just there to be seen.

We got what we needed, but it took us more than an hour and a half to get in and out of the place and we only bought something from one store.

Next year, everything is coming via the internet.

Y’all Come Back Now, Just don’t go to the maul.


December 23, 2009. Notebook.

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