Post UFE-Day 2

It’s now been two days since I underwent my Uterine Fibroid Embolization.

I am still experiencing moderate pain, but it is easily managed with medication. I am taking the 800mg of Ibuprofen every 6 hours around the clock as prescribed. I am also still taking the narcotic pain killers that I was given, although I am now able to take only one pill every 4 hours instead of 2. I am experiencing less nausea and vomitting than the previous days and my appetite is starting to return.

Of course I am still easily fatigued, but since we homeschool I am able to work our schedule around resting as I need to. For example, this morning I was up at 7:30. I woke the girls up at 8 for breakfast and we started our studies by 8:30. We were able to work through all of our assignments for the day that we had to do together and then my oldest studied for her ACT alone.  I took a nap after lunch, but I only rested for an hour. I have kept my physical activity at the level the doctor prescribed. I was finally able to sit down this afternoon and get started on the syllabi for the two classes that I will be teaching at our co-op this semester.

I have noticed a very large bruise. It goes from my groin to mid-way down my thigh and has a slightly striated appearance. I didn’t notice it yesterday after my shower when I changed my band-aid. Yesterday it was only a small purple mark. I don’t know if the collection of blood was there yesterday and only appeared darker today or if there was some bleeding in the night. Either way, it has not grown in size today and is only slightly tender to the touch.

I was able to sleep through the night without having to take more pain medicine except for the one time I had to wake up to take the Ibuprofen.

I will keep you updated on my recovery.

Feel free to ask questions.

Y’all Come Back Now.


January 7, 2010. Notebook.

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