Post UFE-Day 6(and a recap of day 5)

I took a break on the follow-up on Day 5 because, to be quite honest, I was tired and in a good bit of pain.

I have an intense aching and cramping pain in my pelvis and back. The pain radiates up toward my belly button. It was severe enough that I just wanted to take pain medicine and go back to bed. Pretty much day 5 and day 6 have been the same. Last night, when the pain medicine wore off in the middle of the night, the pain woke me up.  I am starting to pass, what I can only imagine, are parts of the fibroid.

I go for my 1 week follow-up today and will bring this matter up with my interventional radiologist.

It is kind of disheartening to start to feel back to normal only to hurt again. Oh well, so is the recovery process.


January 12, 2010. Notebook.

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