The Kind of “Help” a 16-year-old is Willing to Give.

The other night the girls and I were on our own for dinner. Hubby had to work late and that meant I was not going to make a huge fuss over dinner because the girls had a snack while we were out shopping that afternoon.

Anyway, I was thinking of something light and easy to make for dinner when crepes occurred to me. I love crepes. You can stuff them with something savory and make a hearty dinner or something sweet and make desert or something light and make a perfect light meal.

So, I go into my 16-year-old’s room to ask if she would like to help. She has been complaining a lot lately that I haven’t shown her how to cook. I knock on the door and ask her if she would like to help me cook the crepes.

Her response, “No, I don’t want to cook crepes.” Long pause. “But, I will eat some.”

She says this like eating them will be a great deal of help to me.

I laughed so hard I had to wipe tears from my face.

Once more, I love my kids. I don’t know how else I would amuse myself.

Y’all Come Back Now.


January 20, 2010. Notebook.

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