The Things Kids Say.

We went to dinner the other night with my girlfriend and her family to celebrate my son’s 15th and our exchange daughter’s 16th birthdays. They share the same birthday only a year apart.

Over dinner my friend shared a story with us.

She walked into her 4-year-old son’s room the night before only to see him throwing a ball around.

She asked him, “What have I told you about throwing balls in the house?”

Without missing a beat he looked her right in the eye and replied, “You have to catch it?”

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Post UFE-Menstrual Cycle 1

I finally had my first menstrual cycle following my UFE procedure last month.

I was both dreading and looking forward to this event. Dreading because of my fear of how bad it might be, and looking forward to it hoping that a relief from the constant cramping (like you’re about the start your period) would finally end. I had been experiencing cramps similar to those I get right before my period pretty much ever since the procedure and was hoping for relief in a big way.

The good news is that my period was lighter and less painful than in the past. There is no bad news. I cramped for the entire time, but once my period was over the cramps have gone with it. Yay!

I can already see a difference. This is good news. My cycle was still long, but I didn’t expect that to change really. I mean that part is controlled by hormones. But having a lighter, less painful cycle is already starting to happen.

I will keep you informed as the months go by as to my progress.

Now, hopefully, I can get back to trying out new recipes and blogging about our homeschool experiences and get off all this bodily function content. : )

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