Post UFE Menstrual Cycle 2

I know that I said things would get back to normal around here, but then I went and broke my ankle and pretty much the wheels have fallen off anything and everything.

I also promised that all the girly-talk about body functions and such was done, but I need to share just a little more about how things are going post ufe.

I had my second menstrual cycle this week.

It started with almost no cramping prior to the big event. So much so that it actually crept up on me. I actually went to the calendar and started counting because I just knew that it was too early for this to be happening, but it wasn’t.

Before the UFE I would cramp and spot for at least 2-3 weeks before the beginning of my period. This month I had mild cramps that started the night before and lasted less than a day.

Before the UFE I would spot heavily enough to need protection. This time, no spotting AT ALL.

Before the UFE my period would be heavy enough to require changing my super or super plus absorbency protection within an hour for at least the first 3 days and then the same level of protection was needed for 2 more days that was changed every 4 hours or so. Regular absorbency was only used during the last “spotting” days of my period. This time regluar absorbency was all that was required for the entire time. I started with the supers, only to realized that I really didn’t need them except for the first night for overnight.

The improvement has been amazing. I hoped for a lot less than this. The interventional radiologist said that I can expect to see improvement for 6 months after the procedure. I would be satisfied with the level of improvement that I have achieved to this point. If things get better than this, I really don’t know how.

I am soooo glad that I decided to give this a try before resorting to a hysterectomy.


March 13, 2010. Notebook.

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