A Vist to the Orthopedist

 I injured my ankle a few weeks ago by stepping into a hole that the chickens had made to wallow in.

This morning I went for a follow-up appointment to the orthopedist. He reviewed my MRI results and them we talked about my options:

1. a really painful shot in my ankle

2. a cast for 4 weeks (uh, no)

3. exploratory surgery with no guarantee of finding the cause of my continued pain (once again, are you kidding?)

Seeing as how #s 2 and 3 are not going to happen unless I have no other option I went for number one, a really painful injection with a really long needle directly into my ankle via the top of my foot.

Let me just say this, if I had to choose between the cortisone shot and having my tooth drilled, I would truly have to give it some serious thought first.

I am hoping that this works and that I can return to a normal life in 3 weeks. That’s when I get to go back and see if I can come out of the orthopedic boot that I have been wearing for everything but showering and sleeping.

Wish me luck.


March 15, 2010. Notebook.


  1. Amy loves Bud replied:

    Goodness, yes, I remember McDonald’s birthday parties! How fun that you had one.

    Thank you for playing along with my birthday “party”.

    I hope your ankle heals quickly and well!


  2. Dandy replied:

    UGH! My mom had a cortisone shot in her elbow and she was not prepared for the pain. Are you feeling any better now?

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