Homeschoolers in Sweden need your help

If you are a homeschooler here in the US you may take for granted that it is legal. Most of here don’t even give a second thought to this privilege. We choose what is best for us and our children without a thought that someone may show up at our door one day and arrest us for this choice.

Right now about 3% of US school-aged children are homeschooled. Each of these families took the time to research what was best for their children and none of them had to think about the legality of their choice. It is estimated that 1.5 million children in the US are homeschooled today.

Some of you may remember the days, not too long ago, when homeschooling was seen as a weirdo thing that no one really understood. Now it is seen as an option right along with public or private schooling. Just a few years ago when people found out we homeschooled I would get strange looks and lots of comments or questions about why we would want to do that when we could just put our kids on the bus in the morning and send them to school like everyone else. Now when people hear we homeschool they just accept it and move on.

Right now in Sweden about 200 families have made the choice to homeschool their children. They do this for the same reasons that many of us do. They made their choice based on what is best for their children and their families. But this choice may soon be taken away from them. For no other reason than the government really doesn’t understand homeschooling or why someone would choose this method of educating their children instead of sending them to traditional government-run schools.

As a homeschooler I am asking for your help. There is a letter to the Swedish government that was written by the editor of one of my favorite homeschooling magazines. I am asking for you to “sign” this letter as a way of educating the Swedish government to the reasons why we homeschool.

Let’s support our Swedish friends and hopefully make a difference.

To read more and sign the letter just follow this link:

Thank you in advance for your help.



May 18, 2010. Homeschooling.

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