Pre-Calculus the Teaching Textbooks Way

As most of you know we are a homeschooling family. My youngest attended K for most of the school year at a small private school that we were ultimately disappointed in. My oldest has attended both public and the same private school and has homeschooled in the past. It’s not that we were unsure of what we are doing, but that at that time those were the best choices for our family and our children.

Anyway, I tell you that to tell you this. My oldest is studying Pre-Calculus this year. I knew that this was something that I really didn’t want a direct hand in daily so we searched for a learner-driven program. We tried a different program, but my daughter really struggled with the explanations and so we researched some more and decided on Teaching Textbooks.

With Teaching Textbooks the lessons are presented on CDs and in the text. The student listens to the lectures and follows along. There are problems to work out for comprehension at the end of each lesson.

My daughter likes this program. Yes, the lecturer does repeat a lot of the information, but she understands what is being done and rarely do I have to step in and walk her through problems. She sometimes thinks that the lectures seem to go on forever, but insists on listening to the entire program. It is just something about her personality that she insists on not missing a single word of the lecture, I on the other hand would be fast-forwarding past the things I already understood. She just wants to make sure that she doesn’t miss a single thing.

This program is designed to prepare her for college level calculus next year. In my opinion, not that it matters for much, it is equal to the AP Calculus class that our exchange student took at the local public school last year, maybe better because she has a teacher who truly understands how to teach, which was something our exchange student lacked. She and another exchange student were 2 of only 3 students who passed the class. The teacher usually just wrote assignments on the board on Monday and gave the test on Friday.


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